electrical services

1 . HT & LT Installations of Residential Apartment

2. Residential Layout HT & LT Under Ground, Over Head Electrical Work

3. Commercial HT & LT installation

4. Industrial HT & LT imstallation

5. HT/LT Cabling & internal/external wiring

6. Liasioning with Electrical Inspectorate and Electricity Board

7. Internal and external wiring

electrical services

HT and LT Installation Electrical Services

Insight Electricals team does the installation, testing & commissioning of overhead HT/ LT transmission lines. We undertake all types of Electrical works like Installation, Commissioning of any capacity HT Transformers, 11 KVA Line and laying of HT XLPE Cables LT Cables of various sizes and end terminations. Insight Electricals also does the liasoning work by getting power sanction from Electricity board, Preparing Drawings getting approvals from concerned departments and commissioning of Transformers, DG Sets etc. Further, these activities can be done at minimum cost. We are one of the best class 1 electrical contractors in Bangalore

electrical services

Domestic Electrical Services

Insight Electrical's Domestic services division covers all aspects of electrical requirements in and around the home including the laying of conduit in Ceiling, Laying of the wires, fixing of switches and sockets fixing of cable trays, supports, fixing of earthings, light fixtures. We offer from small installations, rewire, alterations, repairs to completly new installations. We are leading class 1 electrical contractors in Bangalore. We have extensive experience in domestic electrical work ranging from new home or apartment or any residential project and existing homes or apartments to large renovations.

electrical services

Electrical Services

Insight Electricals is a one-stop licenced electrical contractors that provides a complete range of services for electrical and security systems. Insight Electrical's core expertise is in Electrical, CATV, SCV and Security System installation for design-and-build condominium housing development projects. Insight Electricals can provide concise drawings & plans, perform testing & commissioning and provide comprehensive training & maintenance services