Welcome to our Team

Insight Electricals is the Govt. of Karnataka licensed class 1 electrical contractors in Bangalore Karnataka with good experience in industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Insight Electricals is a leading class 1 licensed electrical contractors in Bangalore. Our engineering expertise, the ability to source and install many different types of electrical products, our attention to quality, safety, and detailed engineering plans sets us apart from other electrical contractors. We also efficiently cater to electrical site plan design services and low voltage system design services related to fire protection systems & electronics systems design services. We strive to deliver quality products and enhance customer satisfaction in all our projects

Insight Electricals offers electrical design, 2D and 3D electrical drafting services in a cost-effective manner. We also manufacture electrical panel boards, undertake design and execution of HT and LT electrical works. We provide the design, supply, Electrical Project Management, Electrical Testing & Commissioning, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of electrical services in the commercial, retail and industrial sectors. In Residential electrical services we offer from small installations, rewire, alterations, repairs to completly new installations.

Group Profile

Insight’s core purpose is to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves, through long-term value creation. We are an enterprise comprising operating companies in several business sectors: manufacturing of energy efficient elevators, drilling and development of bore wells, water treatment plants, engineered formwork and automated building maintenance systems etc., and as a result of this unique structure and ethos of serving the community, the company has been trusted for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. We design the solutions and build the facilities required for these services. With its entrepreneurial spirit, the group has spawned several industries of importance: